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10(ish) Amazing Beauty Items Under $10!

10 September 2014

I wanted to take a minute and throw a little love over to some of my favourite beauty products out there that cost less the $10 dollars! I love makeup and have amassed quite a collection but I find myself loving drugstore (or at least drugstore priced) makeup because it has come such a far way over the years and there are truly some amazing products out there! So here we go :)

I LOVE this product for setting and mattifying your foundation or BB cream (as I wear that more often), it has very simple packaging and is easy to carry in your purse. Plus you can find it on average of $3.99-$5.99 in many different drugstores. WIN!

I have many different high end palettes that carry the nude line well and while they are amazing, I have fallen in love with this cheap but effective palette. It’s easy to carry, the colours are super pigmented and they go on smoothly. The eyelid colour is so creamy! This palette will run you $3 and is great!

Okay, I’ve also tried a lot of BB creams and for the “under $10” rule - this one is good. It’s creamy, gives decent coverage (for a BB cream) and doesn’t break me out. I like it. I LOVE the one from Neurotgena but it’s $18 and doesn’t classify. The Rimmel one is a nice product for the price and I have no complaints though. :)

4. NYX Matte Lipstick (in Tea Rose)
Are you looking for a great pink nude that isn’t too deep or bright? Look no further! Tea Rose is a great daily lippy that gives a nice matte coverage but isn’t drying. It doesn’t flake or patch either. This is one of their cult classics and is a great dupe for NARS Dolce Vita.

This is a affordable primer that reminds me of Benefit’s PoreFessional. It sits on the skin well and isn’t heavy, plus it erases your pores (like it says!) and really primes your skin for your makeup application. Most days I can wear this and some BB cream and feel totally ready for the day. It will run you roughly $8.

6. NYX Auto-Brow Pencil (in Charcoal)
I’m always at a loss with brows. I don’t want them to be super bold, dark or bare, I like the filled in but not overdone look. I have tried many different powders, pencils, pomades, gels and haven’t found the right combo because everything makes my brows look too brown or too red. I love this particular pencil because the consistency is creamy, not too powdery and is a perfect grey for my brow colour. It blends perfectly! I can fill my brows in and not have to worry about having too much colour in my sparse areas that is off from my natural brow colour. If you’re like me and can’t find a good base colour, check this one out - it’s called charcoal. There are tons of other colour options too if you don’t have my issue and this pencil will only run you about $4.

7. Revlon Super Lusturous Gloss (in Super Natural)
Remember tea rose a few items up? Meet it’s glossy bae! I love pairing this with lipsticks to give a nice gloss with the perfect nude colour. It’s got a really low amount of shimmer (almost none) and works with just about any lip colour. It’s not sticky (which is something I HATE about glosses) and lasts really well. I have to touch up with it but that’s to be expected with gloss or really lipstick in general. It will run you around $6.

I’m not big on eyeliner so I won’t spend much money on it, and this is a great product! The felt tip liner gives a lot of control and colour payoff. It’s a mix between a liquid and a kohl liner, so you can get a really understated to dramatic look with one liner. It will run you about $2 so you can’t beat that! You can typically find this brand at any Walgreens (over by the checkout area in the makeup department is where I usually see it).

Ooooh, this mascara! I love the double tip wand, which allows me to hit the lower lashes easily and also grab the corner lashes which I always seem to miss when applying mascara on my upper lashes. The formula is long lasting but NOT waterproof (keep that in mind), the wand for the upper lashes is great and applies really well, and dries pretty fast. It will run you $7 and is a great buy if you don’t like to buy high end mascaras but want one that will really bring your lashes out. The only things I don’t like is the product amount is smaller because of the dual wand tips and I feel like it’s drying out fast (or maybe I’m almost out? Because it feels like it’s almost gone from the tube already and I’ve only had it about a month).

If you like to line your lips, this is a great liner that will run you $2. It has an amazing consistency and lasts all day. It helps to prevent bleeding from your lip colour to your face and is a great neutral to dark neutral colour. On me, it’s slightly darker than my natural lip colour but it fits well with just about all of my favourite lipsticks. You can typically find this brand at any Walgreens (over by the checkout area in the makeup department is where I usually see it).

I was torn about adding this one because apparently this product is hard to find. I saw it randomly at Walmart and bought it just to try, I didn’t realize that it’s next to impossible to find and I hope it isn’t discontinued because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer! It has tiny fibers that really extend, fatten and lengthen your lashes. Seriously, my eyelashes look outrageous with the primer on (and I already have great eyelashes - thank you mama!) so it’s even crazier for me. It takes a little practice to put it on because you really want to coat the lashes and areas between the lashes with the primer. The product goes on white but the colour goes away when you put your mascara on, so don’t be afraid. It’s also only $6 so if you see this product - grab it!!!

These products make what is essentially my daily look, it takes about seven minutes for me to do (I usually skip the eyeliner though). I hope this article was helpful! Feel free to share on pinterest or comment away, I want to connect with more readers!

Whitewashing the Fireplace

18 August 2014

We have been in the new house for just around two weeks and we are trying to do a lot of the cosmetic updates this month before Dustin heads back to school at UNT. When we were visiting the house before we put in an offer, we knew there were a few things we would want to do but we didn't see anything that needed to be done (little did we know)...

The first thing we did after closing was start whitewashing the fireplace and pillars in the living room. I saw this tutorial online and loved how it came out. The fireplace and pillars were the same brick colour as the outside of the house, and while it's great for the outside - it really dates in the indoors and we knew we needed to change the colour of the brick.

Photo from the sellers as listed on their zillow ad - I LOVED the wood feature wall and fireplace the first time I saw it!
I thought about painting with latex paint but I read that it can kill the brick over time since the brick becomes unable to breathe (in a sense) and I was led to the wonderment that is Milk Paint. Milk Paint is an organic, chemical free paint that is great for wood, brick and other porous surfaces. There were some local retailers that sold it, I was so glad to not wait for shipping - especially because I wasn't sure how the colour would look on the fireplace.

It was a MESS to mix up because the first batch we made was too thick and didn't go as far as we wanted and the second batch was too thin and didn't give us the coverage we wanted, although it at least got a base colour on the pillars. We ended up having to mix up a third batch to bring everything to an even coating and colouring but it was worth all of the work because it looks so amazing now!

We used large sponges to paint on the brick and at first just coated everything, Dustin took over after a while and was much more purposeful with his painting so the bricks looks more even and the grout isn't all painted. I will have to go back in at some point and paint the grout to match so we don't have white paint everywhere but that's mostly because I am OCPD and need that all to match. 

During the painting, it was at this point that Dustin took over because I was covering all of the fireplace and he thought it would look better with the grout being left alone...he was right! 
Overall, I loved the Milk Paint and how well the brick took the paint. There was a strong smell of dairy at first but once it dried, it went away and we tried to save the second batch to use later but it spoiled after a few days (which we knew it would do so that wasn't a surprise) and I can without a doubt say - it was the most horrific smelling thing I have ever been around. So don't let it spoil in your fridge. It seems to be holding up pretty well although I am afraid to get water on the paint but we'll see how it holds up over time. 

If you're looking for some awesome chemical free paint - check out Milk Paint! I can't wait to use in future projects. :)

Catching Up

13 August 2014


Nearly a year. Like I haven't blogged here in almost a year. I could tell you it's because I was busy (I was) or that we had a ton going on (we did) but really it's because I didn't want to. I didn't want to talk too much about our journey because I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to think about why life goes as it does, but that is selfish. I was (I am) selfish. So much has changed. There was a ton of good things, and of course, some bad. Because that's life. 

I'm gonna do my best to speed through some of these changes but I will be updating more and continuing our lifestyle blog. I am also doing adoption updates on my business blog and incorporating some of our personal life on there but I like to keep it happy over there so this is where I will do the more emotional updates, the things that don't fit on my business blog (like our DIY projects, recipes, etc) and the more in-depth musings that I don't want on there. I have many opinions on many subjects but it's not always appropriate to have them on my business blog, my brand is all about story-telling but there's gotta be a line somewhere right? 

So let's get started! 

Our adoption is no further along than it was when I blogged last November. Not because we were denied, but because we needed to get some stuff in our life handled before we brought a child into it. We decided to part ways with our agency and pursue a foster-to-adopt match with the state. We chose this because it was our original intention and we felt that it is how we should be matched. There is nothing wrong with private adoptions, it just isn't for us right now. Maybe down the road we might approach it again but for now, we want to adopt from the state.  It's funny to me that almost exactly a year ago, we announced that we were adopting and I can't believe how much our plan has changed but it's the best decision we could have made. 

Also, we found out that my MTHFR gene isn't the only reason that we have a hard time having children, I also was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) and type 2 Diabetes, although I am non-insulin dependent and my diabetes is based off of my PCOS symptoms. I literally eat like a bird, and even though I eat decently healthy - my weight is off the charts. I started medicine for that a few months ago and we're hoping that it can help get my weight under control and stop some symptoms. I will be blogging about this process to as I have realized that there just aren't that many places that I could find others that talk about their PCOS journey and I want to connect with others about this terrible disease. 

We buried another life that was growing inside of me and was further along than any of our other ones. We got to 11 weeks with this one when we found out that it had died around 9 weeks, we've mourned more than we should but I'm holding to the idea that it will be okay. That brings the number to 8 lost, eight lives. That we know of, there is a high chance that there were more that I wasn't aware of but I don't like to think about that. I'll write another day about the miscarriages, but not now.

Last November, I wrote that we might be moving and it was a crazy time but we did end up moving across town from the South Fort Worth/Burleson border up North to the Fort Worth/Keller border! We bought our first house two weeks ago and are settling in nicely, with tons of little projects going on to make it our own. The house buying process was insane and not something we intended on doing right away, we were going to buy our rental when circumstances with our landlord forced us to look elsewhere and we ended up finding the perfect house for us and a future family. We love it! 

That's the quick update, I can't wait to get back into blogging to everyone and I promise to be more proactive with it. But for now, here's the new house!